Mantle Executive recognises being a leader doesn’t mean you’re immune from workplace stress or compromised well-being. The Psychological toll of leadership can be significant, with many leaders facing their challenges alone. Most traditional employee well-being and assistance approaches don’t consider the unique challenges of leadership, while many others just aren’t up to the task. A professional, specialist service, provided by qualified Psychologists with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise is important for those in leadership and executive roles. This is exactly where Mantle Executive can help. As a specialist division of Mantle Health, Mantle Executive supports the needs of all leaders across all genders and industries.




Each Senior Psychologist has been hand-picked based on their expertise in supporting leaders’ mental health, well-being, and their capacity to excel.


Being extended hours telehealth, we discreetly bring the service to you, wherever you are located, at a time and place that is most convenient.


Our Specialist Psychologists understand the pressures of leadership and the importance of customising support to meet your unique professional and personal needs.


We unpack the workplace and personal barriers impacting well-being and performance with a strong focus on measurable growth and development.

Psychological support for executives & leaders

Our Psychological Support services are delivered via a secure, virtual platform. Whether you need support for life events and personal concerns, or navigating challenging work matters, our expert team can help you to get back on track, stay on track and reach your personal and professional goals.

We can assist you, your workplace, or your industry to get to the next level, addressing areas such as:

Workplace & Personal Stress | Confidence | Optimising Performance | Goal Setting | Relationship Issues | Leadership | Maintaining Balance & Boundaries | Managing Alcohol & Drug Use | Mood Challenges | Lifestyle Issues | Compromised Well-being | Anxiety | Sleep | Feedback & Communication



Whether you are in Australia, or abroad, our specialised, tailored service understands executive well-being and performance and can work with you one-on-one via our discreet and secure video conferencing technology. To commence an initial consultation, please click on the book-a-time button below to see who’s available to assist you.



Can I see someone right away?

Mantle Executive’s consultations are by appointment but wait times are limited. If you need urgent assistance, please contact the emergency services most suited to your current location (e.g., In Australia, 000 for Emergency Services – alternatively use Find a Helpline worldwide directory by clicking here).

What languages do you speak?

Our Psychologists are based in Australia currently
so while we take sessions remotely into other countries, our consultations are in English.

I’m not in a leadership position, can you still see me?

Yes. Mantle Executive has specialist staff that provide coaching across a range of areas, suitable to people from all walks of life.

Does Mantle Executive see Women?

Yes. Mantle Executive’s Senior Psychologists have vast experience with and regularly provide coaching to both female and male leaders.